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The Dundee Penguin March

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

This is an original story written with the Dundee Penguin March 2018 as inspiration.

The Dundee Penguin March

In Dundee, there was a lady called Maggie. Maggie loved helping people, she was always there to support people in need. One day, she had an idea to raise lots of money for charity to help as many people as she could.

To do this, Maggie and her friends started to create 80 painted penguins, and she had planned to display them in the brand new V&A for people to visit them. However, apparently magical penguins had other ideas - every time one was finished, they would disappear!

Over the next few weeks, pictures of the penguins popped up all over social media: There were two brothers squabbling next to a Yoda penguin by the beach, a Granny waving by a Peacock penguin in Perth and even a Mummy and baby penguin by the University surrounded by smiling students. People were visiting from far and wide to see these cheeky penguins. Throughout the summer, more and more penguins were being located and once the 80th and final penguin had been spotted there was even a map made to help families find them. However, as the summer started to draw in, one by one the penguins made their way back to Maggie, exhausted by their summer adventures, and quite honestly getting slightly fed up with having bird poo on themselves. They decided they should come back and help raise money for Maggie’s charity, and hopefully get a new home with a roof!

By Monday the 24th of September, all the penguins had returned and, due to high demand, they were auctioned off. They raised a whopping £540,000 and found some amazing homes. Although Maggie was sad to see the penguins go, she was very happy they put smiles on so many people’s faces and that, finally, they were all under a roof away from the bird poo.

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