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Original story - The Christmas Fairy

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The Christmas Fairy

A bespoke story written in 2018 for 2 little boys who live in Dundee. It's based around traditions that are held by their family.

If you didn’t know, the Christmas Fairy is Father Christmas’s helper who comes to your house early in the morning on the 1st of December to collect your old toys to make way for the new toys.

If you’re in the know, you will neatly lay out your old toys with a note for Father Christmas and the fairy will take them and leave you a small pre-Christmas gift… however, if you’re not in the know, the fairy will come to your house, take any broken or old toys lying around anyway and, as she has to do the leg work, she won’t be leaving a gift!

Luckily, Alistair and Daniel’s Mummy was in the know! One day, just before Christmas, Mummy said to Ali “we will have to start thinking of what old toys we're going to give to the Christmas fairy soon!” Ali thought for a while, looked at his little brother and then replied “I was thinking we could give her Daniel! I think there is someone who would really love a brother”. His Mummy obviously disagreed.

“A little brother can be fun,” thought Alistair. “But he has broken five of my favourite dinosaur toys this year, he always wants what I’m playing with and he always watches over me. And… if she takes Daniel, there will be more toys for me.”

Now, something you should note about the Christmas Fairy before we move on in the story is that she has close connections with the robins, which everyone knows are Father Christmas’ naughty or nice spies. They reported Alistair’s request to the Fairy as they weren't too sure if it was mean enough to be put on the naughty list. They decided that it wasn’t and hoped he was only joking. The Christmas Fairy, however, has an odd sense of humour, and thought it would be funny to teach Alistair a bit of a lesson…

Early on the 1st of December, the fairy went to Alistair and Daniel’s house. She spotted the old toys and the notes for Santa... and, luckily, either the robins had been right and Alistair had been joking, or Mummy had vetoed Alistair’s request as the pile of toys was missing a Daniel. Instead, he was tucked up in the bottom bunk of the boy’s bunk beds. The fairy decided that now was time to implement her ‘funny’ plan.

She swooped up Daniel, then before leaving she knocked over one of Ali’s dinosaurs and disappeared in a sparkly cloud. Ali woke up with a fright in time to see the last couple of sparkles hit the ground and immediately checked the bottom bunk… but there was no little brother… he was gone!

Alistair starting looking around the house, suddenly the thought of no longer having a brother and how his parents might feel dawned on him. He decided to look for him quietly and missed out his parent’s room as he hadn’t quite worked out how he could explain that the Christmas Fairy had answered his request.

He first decided to look downstairs in the front room…all the old toys had gone and in their place were three gifts - each with Alistair’s name on them. He took a closer look at the first large box and he opened it. Inside was a dinosaur. As soon as Alistair picked up the dinosaur, he started to get bigger and bigger until he was the same size as Ali. Then, in a sparkly puff of smoke, the dinosaur started to move. “Are you real?” said Alistair with a gasp. The dinosaur looked back at him and roared a quiet, quite cute roar. Alistair then noticed that he had a tag around his arm saying ‘My name is Phil the Parasaurolophus. I’m here to replace your brother!’

At first, Alistair thought this was a great swap. Not only did he get his very own dinosaur, but he also had two more gifts to open all for himself. He was sure his parents would be okay with it. He grabbed his second gift and opened it up - it was a bat and ball. Alistair loved playing bat and ball and couldn’t wait to start playing it with Phil, but as soon as Alistair gave him the bat, Phil ate it. “Never mind,” Ali sighed. “I still have my very own dinosaur, a ball and one more present… we can play catch instead.” Phil roared, head butted the ball up in the air, and caught it again in his mouth -and swallowed it in one large CHOMP.

Alistair, starting to get a little upset, sighed again and said “never mind, I still have my very own dinosaur and one more gift to open,” and without further ado, he opened the last gift. It was a board game - a game he had wanted for a long time - and now he could play with his very own dinosaur. Alistair carefully set up all the pieces whilst Phil sat next to him watching him. He then passed Phil the dice to start the game, but Phil couldn’t put his hands together to shake the dice and he couldn’t shake them with one hand as he only had three claws. Phil started to get a bit frustrated that he couldn’t play and pushed Alistair over! He then stood up and stamped on the board game and the game was ruined. Alistair put his hand to his head and tried to calm himself down then said, “never mind, I still have my very own dinosaur.” As soon as he said that, Phil the Parasaurolophus head butted Alistair over then started to head butt everything in the living room. Alistair started to panic that it was going to wake his parents up, but Phil would not stop… it looked like Phil was having too much fun, but Alistair was getting scared.

“STOP!” Alistair shouted. “Stop, you naughty Parasaurolophus!” Phil stopped and looked at Alistair and he roared a loud scary roar. Phil didn’t want to play with Alistair as he was having too much fun on his own! And with that he continued to head but the chair and knocked all the books and DVDs off the shelf. “NO!” shouted Alistair. “I don’t want my very own dinosaur anymore! He’s worse than my brother!” Alistair stamped his foot to get Phil’s attention. “Even if he did break five of my dinosaur toys, he never did it on purpose and, even if he wants to play with the toys I want to play with, at least he doesn’t eat them … and and and….” Alistair said starting to cry, “he never pushes me over! I WANT MY BROTHER BACK!” And with that, Phil disappeared in a puff of sparkly smoke that started to take over the living room. Ali ran so quickly up to his room, up the bunkbed and hid under the duvet. He closed his eyes and hoped that it was all over.

Then he felt a tap on his back and heard “Ali, are you okay?” Ali popped his head out of the duvet… it was his dad and his mum, who was holding a giggling Daniel. His dad said again, “are you ok Alistair?” “Yes,” said Alistair, “Daniel, I’m so glad you’re back!” Mum looked at him. “What do you mean, Ali? He’s just been sleeping in our bed with us, you must have had a bad dream.” She put Daniel on the floor. “Come on, boys, it’s morning. Get your dressing gowns on and come downstairs - I think the fairy has been.’ She started to walk down stairs.

Ali climbed down from the top bunk and started to think…Maybe the fairy only put Daniel in bed with Mummy and Daddy this whole time. If he would have just looked in their room first, none of this would have happened… or was it a dream?

Then all of a sudden Mummy shouted up: “Ali, what on earth has happened down here?!” Ali looked down at his little brother who was beaming back at him and he shouted back down the stairs, “DANIEL DID IT!”

He was so glad he was back.

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