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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I have been writing a reality show column for the last 3 years. For the first 2 years, I wrote as a ghostwriter, however in 2018, I was asked to start up my own blog using a similar content format , comedy and my own opinions about the top reality shows, including Love Island, Big Brother and TOWIE.

Love Island - It begins...

June 5, 2018

Let the 2 months of obsessive Love Island watching commence!

ITV2 did not disappoint last night with the first bumper episode; the girls looked amazing and the boys followed suit - it really was abs galore!

This year, it seems that even more people are tuning in. l loved watching all the memes and comments flying, and my own phone was buzzing every 2 seconds with messages from friends in and out of group chats. One friend in particular found about 3 different ways to discuss it with me! Last night, I even coxed my male housemates to watch. While one went to bed confused with life, the other - a Love Island virgin - seemed to get into it, however his main concern was with all the ladies wearing such lovely bikinis - "couldn’t Love Island afford smaller mics?" he quipped. Honestly, the whole way through, he was just really concerned about the size of the mics.

So, let’s get into it! I really like all the girls at the moment; none of them really got on my nerves, but I do have some favourites – Dani, Kendall and Samira. Dani seems like my kind of girl, as she’s really chatty and heaps of fun! The main thing I love about her is that she has a way of saying nothing with a lot of words, especially when she was talking to Adam about picking the girl he wants. As much as Adam is a looker, I just think her and Jack’s personalities match so well! I would really love to see them stay together, however I have a bad feeling this won’t be the case... but we will talk about that later.

Kendall soared up in my opinion when she was the only girl to say directly to Adam that she wanted to stay with her current partner, plus I love her facial expressions. And who couldn’t love Samira? Seriously, she really seems down to earth and like she would be a really loyal friend. I felt Hayley and Laura didn’t get as much airtime, but I can’t wait to see more of them. I really do think Hayley and Eyal make an amazing couple!

I had the same feeling with all the boys too – this is very unlike me, as normally I have more of an opinion, but they all seem nice. Well, maybe with the slight exception of Niall being a bit territorial with Kendall and Alex being possibly the most boring man in the universe. Another thing that was very unlike me, I found myself actually fancying one of the boys. No, it wasn’t the hunky Adam; it was actually Wes. Not only, to quote Laura, does he have ‘lots of pacs’, but he is a sweet guy with a really good job – what a catch!

Also, like I said with Samira, who could not love Jack?! Even though I want him and Dani to keep getting to know each other, I am going to stick to my original prediction and hope that Jack and Samira see the light in the coming weeks and come together. They would really make the best couple.

Going onto the predictions I made before last night’s episode aired, I’m really proud of myself as I got 2 bang on: Laura and Wes, and Kendall and Niall. I am team Kendall and Niall all the way, as I really think they could be the solid couple that stay together all the way through the series. With Wes and Laura, I still think they make a great couple but, unfortunately, I do think she is going to try to leave him for Adam – sad face.

As for future predictions, I obviously need to make one on last night’s big cliffhanger. Who is Adam going to pick? Now, half way through I thought it could be Kendall, but after she told Adam straight up that she wants to stick with Niall, I think he may go for either Dani or Laura. Dani is my frontrunner right now as, just before the end of the episode, he did say he was going to go with the first person he found attractive and we all know that was Dani. And, guess what? This would leave Jack open for Samira!!! Yesssss!

Parting words of wisdom: I do have to say I feel the guys played it wrong in last night’s episode. If I were them, I would have grafted Adam. For example, instead of getting all scared and jealous of Adam, if Niall would have befriended him, maybe Adam would have more reservations on picking Kendall. It is always good to have a friend in the villa… you don’t want to be the first hated person in there.

Overall though, an amazing first show! I cannot wait to find out which girl he picks tonight and for another twist… I have a feeling there could be another girl coming in.

They did say expect the unexpected.

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