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Sarah Casserley

Sarah is a seasoned digital media marketer, social media manager, creative writer, and voiceover artist with over 15 years of diverse experience. Her expertise spans digital marketing, writing, directing voiceovers, and creating content for various mediums, including magazines, reviews, paid social media, comedy scripts, children's stories, short stories, speeches, creative ghost-writing, and graphics.

In 2013, Sarah embarked on voicing radio advertisements, which rapidly evolved into a multifaceted journey involving in-store advertisements, TV, character voicing, documentary voicing, and audio books.

Recently, Sarah has expanded her horizons by assisting new clients looking to venture into voiceover work. She guides them in finding their unique voice and navigating the intricacies of the voiceover industry.

Embracing challenges and exploring new projects are Sarah's forte, aligning seamlessly with her strengths. Whether you require Sarah's services for creative writing, voiceovers, or if you are contemplating a career in voiceovers, feel free to reach out via email to obtain more information.

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